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Are Mom or Dad showing any of the following signs of aging?

Serious Conditions

Chronic health condition

Slow recovery from surgery/illness

Falls or loss of balance


Personal Signs

Changes in appearance

Weight gain or weight loss

Look frail or bruise easily

Change in body odor


Social Interactions

Loss of interaction with friends/family

Not leaving the house for days

Doesn’t participate in conversations

No longer does hobbies or crafts



Household Signs

Are Daily Routines Forgotten

Unopened non-junk mail

Unpaid monthly bills

Unread papers or magazines

Letters for overdue payments

Behind on housekeeping

Cluttered floors and hallways


Home Chores

Lawn not mowed

Garden not watered/weeded

Leaves not raked

Neglect of broken items

If your Mom or Dad are starting to experience some of the signs of aging listed above it may be time to start planning for their long term care. 


It is difficult to watch our parents age and need assistance with things that they once took for granted. In today's fast paced world of work and our own personal lives it can be difficult to look after someone.


In-Home Care specializes in bringing personal care services to your loved one while they still reside in their home. We can help with any of the signs of aging listed above along with many others. 

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