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What is Private Duty Home Care?


Seniors, people living with disabilities and those who need help while recovering from an illness or injury often turn to private duty home care services for assistance. This type of care is provided by Maine In Home Care through Northern Maine.

Private duty home care is home care that is delivered on a private-pay basis, which means clients or their families pay Maine Home Care directly. Because the service works on an individual basis, private duty home care services can be customized to meet the unique needs of each client.


Clients who hire Maine Home Care have the ability to access as much support as they feel they need, without seeking approval from their primary care physician or any other medical professional. With private duty care, there are no eligibility requirements, and clients are free to use the service on a short-term or long-term basis.

Another important distinction of private duty home care is Maine Home Care has the flexibility to match caregivers with clients based on skills, preferences and overall compatibility. This flexibility often leads to a high level of client satisfaction.

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How Is Private Duty Home Care Different From Medicare and Medicaid-Funded Home Care?


There are significant differences between the type of care available through a private duty home care at Maine Home Care and traditional government-funded home care services.

From the perspective of the client, Medicare and Medicaid-funded home care can be difficult to qualify for, given that there are strict eligibility criteria that must be met. Government-funded home care clients have no say in who their caregiver is, how frequently the caregiver visits, or when visits are provided. In most cases, Medicare and Medicaid home care services are time-limited, and clients who require ongoing care are required to re-qualify for services frequently.  Lastly, Government-funded home care clients must have specific services provided during each visit or risk losing their eligibility.  For example, some clients don't want or need help bathing or showering, but Government-funded home care clients must have these services provided during each visit.

A Private Pay client has complete control over what services are provided, at what time and by whom.  We specifically hire and retain the best caregivers for our Private Pay clients in order to meet the higher expectations often placed upon us by our Private Pay clients.

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