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How Do I Apply - Community Services for Elderly and Adults with Disabilities

The State of Maine requires both a financial and functional assessment to determine an individual’s eligibility for most Maine Home Services.

Assessments are completed by an agency contracted with the State of Maine called "Maximus".  In order to begin the process, you will contact Maximus by calling 1-833-525-5784. Your primary care provider may call in a referral request, or you can call in to Maximus yourself to make a referral.


When you into call Maximus, you'll be asked questions about how the person, who needs help, currently completes their Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, getting around at home, toileting and eating) as well as their Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (taking medications, meal preparation, shopping, transportation, housework, laundry, and managing finances). You should be prepared to answer most of these questions.


Once you've completed this assessment, please send us a message right away, so that we can immediately follow up with the local care coordinator to help you or your loved one get services the need as soon as possible right.  We look forward to helping your love one stay independent longer.



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